Digital Workplace

Human Workers helped by Cognitive Assistants

What are Cognitive Assistants?

Cognitive Assistants are software robots that work tirelessly, autonomously and accurately - doing the work that people should not be doing.

We call it 'taking the robot out of the person'. A digital workplace allows for people to focus on high value work, leaving the dreary, monotonous work to the cognitive assistant.

We are building three types of Cognitive Assistants.

Customer Facing

A Customer Service Assistant, that will serve, guide and advise potential and existing customers, creates 24/7/365 customer satisfaction.

Front Office

Will work alongside employees, offering guidance and assistance to improve productivity and allow them to focus on higher level tasks.

Back Office

Will work under the direction of Operations Staff and hand in glove with the Front Office Assistants to automate things like sorting, consolidating, moving, and looking up data.

Benefits of Cognitive Assistants


Helps People Do More


Eliminates Human Error


Add/Remove Cognitive Assistants on Demand

Cost Effective

Free up budget

Always Available

Cognitive Assistants Never Sleep

Happy Employees

Employees Focus on Meaningful Work

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